The Corner GRILLE (pt. 1) – Historic College Park, GA

Located minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the downtown Historic College Park area is home to an array of salons, stores and restaurants, each catering to different tastes. Seated on the corner of Main Street is a small restaurant appropriately called the Corner GRILLE. I work right above the restaurant and I frequently visit for lunch because their food is that good!

I usually call my order in 15 minutes before I take my lunch. On this particular day I wanted lunch and dinner, so I ordered the Salmon Club and the Lemon Pepper Chicken dinner. Upon entering the small establishment, I was warmly welcomed by a hostess and slapped in the face by the cajun-infused smells wafting from the kitchen. After telling the hostess I ordered out, I was shown to the bar to await my order.

The Salmon Club is served on toasted French bread. For all of you that are not foodies and do not know what French bread may taste like (or you do and might not know it), I want you to think of the bread that’s served with spaghetti. Although you’re most likely going to get served Italian bread with spaghetti — because spaghetti is an Italian dish — the taste is sort of similar to the Italian ciabatta bread. It’s floury and crunchy on the outside, but it’s not as soft & moist on the interior as ciabatta bread.

I ordered my salmon well done. I was very pleased that The Corner Grille understood the difference between well done & dried out. My salmon was fresh, tender and juicy. It was also seasoned well. The salmon was not bland, but the Cajun seasoning & black pepper didn’t overpower it either. A top of the salmon patty were two thick pieces of bacon with a smoky flavor. The spinach and tomato that topped the bacon were fresh and evenly proportioned (the veggies didn’t overpower the sandwich).

The star of this show was the spicy mayo. A thin layer is spread on each slice of bread (this was a bonus for me because you got to taste it on the salmon on one slice & the veggies on the other slice). It tied all of the rest of the flavors from the sandwich together perfectly. The spice level is low and subtle, just enough to give the sandwich a little extra kick. The mayo also served as a dipping sauce for my seasoned shoe string fries that came along with the sandwich.

Mouth watering yet? I’m not done…

Stay tuned for part 2, the Lemon Peppered Chicken!


Author: Chewing With Court

At 23 years old, I may be wrong about a lot of things but food isn’t one of them. Never has been. I’m not a chef, nor did I attend culinary school. I just a girl who enjoys some good ass food.

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